Friday, 29 June 2012

What nom noms will my Dad like to eat?

So it's just another 2 more sleeps until my Dad Marzipan comes to live with us. In case you did not know. I heard my Mommy talking about what to feed him when he comes. It got me wondering, what kind of nom noms will he like the best? Maybe we can make him a welcome to our family supper!



Cheeseburger? (My Grand Daddy's favorite) 


Is he vegetarian?


  1. My Daddy doesnt let me choose what i eat for dinner. But if he did I would choose the lasagna... and a side of salmon... and a side of chicken... and a side of steak... with a side of cheeseboogers.


  2. Ralphie, you have a big appetite! You mean your Daddy wouldn't even let you chose what you could eat on a special occasion, like your birthday? Or Catmas?

  3. You seem like a nice cat. Can I open up to you? All I really want is bacon. BACON BACON BACON. But my Daddy says because of my "curves" I can only have fruits and veggies. Although I can have any kind I want, when all you want is bacon and someone hands you a strawberry it's just not the same.

  4. Even though I have only tasted bacon one time when my Mommy was not paying attention, I know what you mean. I do not know why I am not only allowed to have certain noms either! I try to prove to my Mommy that she should feed me 10 times as much noms. At least. I will even snack on her plants and flowers to show her I am still very hungry. I will chomp on Marzipans ears so that she might think that I am hungry and need more noms. Nothing seems to work. I don’t even mind if I will get a sore tummy or throw up, I can eat a lot!!! After all, I am almost one years old! I am hoping for my birthday that she will let me eat as much as I want. I won’t even ask for presents.

    Only fruits and veggies does seem a little limited. Are you a vegetarian? A vegan? Maybe your Daddy knows that certain noms will give you allergies? I have had that problem before. I do not know what “curves” mean. Maybe bacon is not healthy for you? I do not know very much about bacon, but I am learning a lot as I get older.

  5. I don't blame you, Marzipans ears do look tasty. mmmmm. Sometimes I munch on peoples fingers too, I call them love bites. Because I love to eat! But your right, that doesn't work either. ho hum. Maybe ill start celebrating my half birthday if that means I can eat all I want! And quarter birthdays too! My Daddy will fall for it. (he's kinda dumb)

    Am I am vegan? Kitty... I eat vegans for breakfast. I don't think I have any allergies because I have never sneezed once in my life. What are you allergic too? "curves" means that I am wider than I am taller. I don't see a problem with that though. I have a job as a table on the weekends. Plus tall people are overrated anyways. Dont know much about bacon? Ill teach you.