Monday, 30 July 2012

It's my Birthday today!

Hi everybody!

The day has come and it is finally my Birthday! I am one years old!

Here are some pictures to show how much I have growed over the last year.

Hopefully I get LOTS of food and noms today. I will let you know what happens!


Friday, 27 July 2012

Making a Birthday Card

Hi, it's Marzi.

Today I made a card for Henry because it is his birthday in 3 days. I have never made a card before but I was feeling crafty and inspired. Just in case you do not know, I am Henry's real Dad. I know it might be hard to believe because he looks more like a Yoda than like me... But it is true. I was there when he was borned. 

Since I haven't yet figured out what to give Henry for a present, I knew I had to get the card done right away.

First I had to pick out the colors. I know that Henry likes BRIGHT colors.

 Then I had to concentrate real hard and come up with a plan. 

I didn't have much paper so I could not make a mistake.

 I got distracted a little and made a few mistakes.  

About an hour later Soon after I came up with an idea for the card!

 I had to stay really focused. That was hard. 

I made another mistake when I remembered there is no spell check.

I hope that Henry likes his card! 

Now I have to brainstorm for what to get him for a present.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Mama -The Fairest of Them All

Mama cat is a little bit of what you call high maintenance. Don't tell her I said this, but she can look like a big grouch at times. I mean, she would like to sleep more than she would like to play. I think that is pretty boring. But... I guess she is pretty OLD. Like a catillion times more older than anyone else I know. Her and I used to play lots before Marzi came to live with us. But now she does not seem to care as much about that. Her and Marzi do like to do the nip together as I have noticed. They get weird. Another good thing I noticed is that she does not hiss at Marzi as much as she did before. Don't tell her I said this, but I think it is hilarious when she does that! Even though it is RUDE. I think that she does all of that for pretend. I think that she believes she is not just an old timer, but a queen. A real life queen! But if she is a queen, what does that make me???

Today I have learned that I am not very good at counting. I think that if my birthday is on Monday, that means there is only 4 more days until my birthday! That is even sooner than I thought!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Here is something I have learned in French:

Je t'aime de tout mon coeur

Just to remind you,  it is my BIRTHDAY in 6 more days. I will be ONE YEARS OLD. This is equal to 15 years old in human years. I will be a teenager. I suppose I already am a teenager, but you know how birthdays make it official. I will probably need to do MORE chores and have MORE responsibilities too. Maybe I will get MORE noms?

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Toesie Tuesday

Who do these toes belong to?




Monday, 23 July 2012

Marzipan needs fashion advice

Marzipan here.

I am having a tough time trying to decide if this yellow is my color or not. I really did not want any pictures taken of me in it until I decided on it... You know how these types of pictures can come back to haunt you. Before you know it, your picture is being submitted to the Ellen Degeneres show or What Not to Wear. Someone else will always be making fun of you on the internet meowadays. I can never seem to stop the Mom from taking pictures of me though. But now I need your advice.

What do you think? Yellow, or not?

This very nice tank comes from the lovely Cat-toure. They have a lot of manly fashions that I like.

Friday, 20 July 2012

I got an award!

I am completely delighted to have received the Very Inspiring Blogger Award from Twinkle Toe Tails!!! They are so nice over there and if you have not visited their blog yet, you really should! Thank you very much for giving me this award when I am so new to blogging. It made my day!

So now I have to get purrsonal and tell you 7 things about me that you do not know already. I need to put my thinking cap on now...

1) I am never allowed on the kitchen table or counter even on a special occasion or anything! If I do, my Mommy uses her deep voice and says "Henryyy...NO". I have learned to only do this while she is at work. But sometimes I forget.

2) I fall asleep when my Mommy clips my claws. 

3) When I go for walks on a leash I probably will not walk far if my Mommy is holding the leash. I would prefer to walk myself with the lease beside me. I like to be in control. 

4) I have never had a girlfriend.

5) I am on a limited ingredient diet because I have some food allergies. And they are REAL allergies, not the pretend allergies. Like the pretend allergies that some humans have to cats. You know that kind? I do not like being allergic to ANY noms. Because I love noms, even the ones I am allergic to. 

6) I am the last one to get fed every day and I think it is not fair! Just because I am the youngest. I should get fed first because the youngest are probably the hungriest! 

7) When I go for car rides I sit beside my Mom in the passenger seat and toss my ball around. The seats are made of carpety material so I LOVE to rub my body all over them. It feels so good on my fur. 

Now I would like to give this award to 5 other inspiring bloggers! Here I go!

Mankitties Rumbles and Diego who are like me, Mama's boy! I like their style. When I am growed up I want to be like them.

Kitties who inspire me to share comfy beds with each other. I also love their noses a lot. Nose envy.

A blog especially for black kitties! Something is very special about black kitties. They are the best kind!

A blog I enjoy for many reasons. One of them is Esme. I haz a crush on her. A lot.

I learned what a Cornish Rex is, finally! I can see how humans might confuse us. They are VERY cute and curly! Not in any way CORN, or a dinosaur... Like I had in mind.

I hope that you all have a FUN/FISHY/FRISKIE/FANASTIC Friday!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Can you ear me now?

Most impurrtantly, it was very nice what everybody said to us yesterday about Sushi leaving us. My human Mommy kept talking and talking about how touched she was. I think she is much more happier now. Thank you very much. 

I thought I would tell you a story today about Marzipan (Marzi). My Dad! 

He was borned on September 6, 2010. His Mother's name was Melody, and his Father's name was Solo.

This is him when he was just borned. He looks like he might be the size of my toy mouse. Smaller than a Purrakeet I think even. Look at how comfy he looks on this blanket with his sister. Her name was Love.

One day, something bad happened to Marzi and his sister. Their Mom had accidentally chewed on their ears a little too roughly causing purrmanent damage to Marzi's little ear. We do not know why she did that. Maybe she was trying to give them too much love, or maybe it was her first time being a Mom. I think being a Mom is a very hard job and she must have loved Marzi a lot. But Marzi was sad to think that maybe his Mom didn't accept him for the Marzi he was. I just cannot imagine why that would be...

Marzi decided that he would continue to enjoy life, and graciously accepted his unusual ear. Although he needed to to be separated from his Mom, he found a new place to spend his time. With another Mom who had a litter at the time, her name was Coco. She was wonderful and accepted Marzi as her own.

Despite his one curled ear and one straight ear, as you can see Marzi was growing up to be a very nice looking mancat. He had such a positive nature and good temperament, that the human responsible for him decided to keep him and make other kitties just like him.

He wanted to make all of the kittens feel as loved as he could all of the time. He would go and cuddle other kittens often. Even when they were not his. He took the role of being a Dadcat to the kittens very seriously. His expurrience with his own kittenhood made him very cautious and protective of others. He would play with me lots when I was borned, and I always felt safe with him. Sometimes he spent more time with me when I was borned than my Mom did. 

This is Marzi with a litter that was not his. I am not in this picture, sadly.

In June of 2012, we brought Marzipan home to live with us, furrever. We play together a lot. He showed me what goes on in the kitchen on the counter and how to jump onto high places. I have showed him how to keep the humans company in the shower and have given him all of my catnip supply. I just do not think I am old enough for that quite yet. 

We do love him just the way that he is though, no matter what his ears look like. Even if he had no ears I would still play hide and seek and steal his noms. 

Monday, 16 July 2012

Sad news to report about Sushi

Although I thought that Sushi was getting better, he was not.

I hope that he is blowing many many bubbles in the water he is now in under the Rainbow Bridge.

We will miss you.

Henry, Marzi and Mama

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Thank you for the visits!

I thought that it was very nice to have so many visitors to my blog yesterday! I am a bit of a slow reader but I think I have read through most of the emails and comments. I think. They were all very nice! Thank you to Cat Blogosphere for mentioning us. I am excited to make furiends and more furiends. I am not very picky who my furiends are. I also enjoy seeing what everybody else gets up to on a regular basis. This way when my Mommy says "Henry NO" to me, I will have some proof of what my other furiends are allowed to do. It would come in handy for me. I also never knew how my other kitties have blogs of their own. I also never knew how many other kitties like bags! I have learned a lot this weekend.

So today my Mommy was telling me that it is only 2 more weeks until my birthday. I have not had a birthday before, but I am excited about the food the most! I think that I get a birthday cake too? I do not know what to expect!

Here is a video of me when I was younger. I was sitting on the ledge of a window when I saw some birds flying in the sky. At the time I did not know what they were. I will be honest, I am making a strange noise while watching the birds and it is a little embarrassing. I can never seem to control the sounds that I make when I see birds. And bugs. 

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Caturday Confession: I have a fetish

Hi, this is Marzipan.

I will admit it, I really seem to like bags lately. My Mommy could give me mouse toys, scratchers, strings and even treats... But I am always itching for a bag to crawl into. It does not even matter what kind. Paper bag, lunch bag, recycled bag, money bags... My favorite is a plastic bag. Since we are not allowed to play with plastic bags unsupervised, I try to make the most of my plastic bag time. Call me an oddball, I know. I just love them bags! I even crawl inside my Mommy's duffel bag when she is filling it up for work, but she catches me every time and then I have to get out.

First I like to inspect the bag to see how stretchy it is. I also like to check for the width and length of the handles. This is impurrtant if you like to wear your bag. I do not like my wear my bag. It also should not matter if the bag is on it's side or upside down, you can always find a way into a bag very easily. This one just so happened to be upright and made for easy access. 

When you get into the bag there is endless things that you can do. You can taste it and try to figure out what or who was in the bag before you were. It might help to nom on it for more flavor. Biting is good for the crinkle effect. Crinkle effects will enhance the expurrience.

Sometimes a bag is a good place to be in if you need to gather your thoughts and reflect. Just remember... It is your bag, your time. Do whatever feels natural.

A bag is a good place for cleaning

Depending on the size of your bag, you can share it with someone. I prefurr not to do this, but I will make an exception for Henry sometimes. Afterall, he is only 6.6 lbs so I can still do most of the mentioned above with him in there. And if I change my mind at any given moment I can kick him right out of there and he can get his own bag.

 Mama will not share her bag. But that is okay. It is her bag, her time.

PLEASE remember to be safe when playing with bags, especially plastic ones. You should never play with them unless you have been given permission. And you should always be supervised.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Nurse Henry

As you know from my last post, Sushi has not been feeling like himself lately. Mommy gave him the medicines and he has to live in a different bowl until he is back to normal. I purrsonally think that he is looking a little better already! Mommy really takes care of all of us, but because I am Sushi's bigger brother I thought that maybe I could help to take care of him. 

I was sleeping on my tower when all of a sudden I felt a warmness on me. I opened my eyes and saw that the sun was disappearing for the day. It was so bright and orange and made me feel warm and comfy! 

This was the brightest sunset I have seen. Isn't it so bright? 

I started to think that if Sushi could feel warm and comfy from the sun, and get some fresh air too that maybe it would help it get better quicker! My Mommy helped me bring Sushi outside.

Here is Sushi outside for the first time in his life! He looks happy! I can usually tell if he is happy when he dances in the water or blows bubbles. If he is the happiest he can be, he will make a nest out of his bubbles. 

I was waiting and waiting for him to make a bubble nest but he was watching the sun disappear instead. He danced a little bit. I think my plan is working! 

I am proving to my Mommy that my plan is working. I think that she was skeptical to put Sushi outside because he is an indoor only pet. But she can see that he is very delighted to see the orange sky for the first time. 

Marzipan thought that it was a really good idea to give Sushi the orange sky medicines! As you can see here, he was very concerned for Sushi's well being. I think that he really wants Sushi to get better soon too. He is very caring that way.

Sushi did not blow any bubbles or make a bubble nest, but I think that he enjoyed his time outside. I wonder where else I can take him on an adventure!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

To the Pet Store!

Mommy had to make a visit to the pet store today to get some medicine for Sushi. Lately he does not look as healthy as my Mommy would like him to look. She is a purrfectionist that way. He is not eating as much of his noms and does not look like he is very happy. I told Mommy that maybe he would feel better if I played with him. I showed her that he is not afraid of me. But she said no.

Sometimes shopping for the right medicine can be tough when you are looking after somebody sick. You want what is best for them so that they can feel better as soon as possible and have their energies back. To make my Mommy feel better, I went with her to the pet store. 

At first I was very nervous! I could feel my heart thumping and I started to vibrate a little. Mommy laughed about that for some reason. There was a lot to see in the store, and the people working there were friendly! One of them asked if I was a Cornish Rex. I do not know what that is, but it sounds like it would be yummy! Another person told my Mommy that I am beautiful. Mommy told them that my name is Henry, and then they knew that I am a boy. Mommy told me that it is still a very good thing to be called beautiful.

There is a part of the pet store that is just for kitties, and has so many different types of toys! I did not know where to start when looking at all of the them. It made my head start to get the spins! I tried to be on my best behavior so Mommy will take me again one day and I can pick out many a toy.

I have never been so close to a bird before! As you can tell I was captivated. The little birds moved very quickly and were trying to tell me something, but I think it was in another language. I will have to do some reading so that I am more prepared for next time I visit.

This is Purrakeet. He did not tell me that, but I can read a little and that is what the sign said. I think that he wanted to be friends with me because he seemed friendly and got close. 

I wonder if Purrakeet came home with us if he would sit on my shoulder.... 

Like this:

The most important thing is that we got Sushi the medicines he needs. Mommy gave him the medicine last night and hopefully he will get better soon.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


I have noticed that I look very similar to Zorro. Do you think so too? Maybe we are related!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Heat wave!

We are having what is called a heat wave. That means that it is so hot that everyone lays around and cannot do much but think about how hot it is. Remember when I said that it was +28 C the other day? Well yesterday it was about +36 C! That is very hot for where we live because most of the year there is snow and frost. Because I do not have much furs like some of the others in the home, the heat did not keep me from my regular routine. That makes me lucky!

See how the others handled the heat

Marzipan laid on the back of the couch, on a fuzzy blanket! No wonder he was so hot! He stayed there all night.

Mama decided the bed was a good place to stay. She stayed there for most of the night.

Sushi was rubbing it in that he has the best spot for cooling off. He stays there all the time. Even when it is not a heat wave.

I did not move much from the tower in front of the window. It was relaxing and comfy! I was hoping for a breeze that did not seem to come... But bugs did! They are fun to watch at night from my tower. That is why I prefer not to share my tower with anybody.

How hot will it get today, and how will everyone handle it? We will have to wait and see.

Maybe we can make meowgaritas!