Monday, 22 October 2012

The First Snowfall

This is what I saw on Saturday morning. Do you see the snow on the ground outside?

In this picture you can see the snowflakes that didn't melt yet. They are neat!

Did you know that kitties can get a new coat in the winter? This is what Marzi's looks like.

As you can see, Marzi is so comfy in his winter coat.

Me, not so much.

Humans will do all kinds of things to keep warm in the winter months.

What do you do to keep warm on those white snowy days?


  1. Oh, our mom really wishes she hadn't seen that white stuff on the ground. Even though we're all Canadian, she loathes winter.

    We curl up on warm blankets and afghans, while our human slogs it out on foot and bus, dressed in long johns and about three more layers, all winter long.

    Could Spring hurry up and come again? Soon? Please? LOL.

  2. We don't get snow in the desert, but we do pile on Mommy at night to get warm.

  3. Snow already? Wow! Stay warm, guys!

  4. Oh nose! Not snow already!! You two boys look absolutely adorable in your winter coats! We think Esme might need a new coat on account her furs are all weird since she had that reaction to salmon.

    We love sleeping on the radiators when the cold and rains start in Vancouver. But not yet we hope...

    the critters in the cottage xo

  5. We curl by the fire. But, right now we have the "hots" again! Your both look adorable in your coats. xoxo

  6. No! Not snow already!! We're not ready for it! But you both look ver cool in your coats. We think you're gonna need them, too. ;)

  7. The mom was going Ack! Ack! when she saw your snows! We do our job and try to keep her warm but some of us don't appreciate being stuffed under the blankets, though Oui Oui loves it.

  8. We think that both you and Marzi look mega-manly in your winter jackets!

    We're some way from snow over here yet. Actually, it's supposed to go up to 18C today! But when it does get cold, we like to SNUGGLE!

    The Chans

  9. this always warms me up.