Thursday, 30 August 2012

Finally, my present is revealed!

I hate to admit it, but we were not able to get into the mystery package while the Mommy was at work. But she FINALLY came to her senses and opened it up! 

A box! A cardboard box! That was the familiar smell this whole time! The Mommy got us a box? 
But why is it so flat? Look, Marzi thinks it's his box. But it's not. It's mine.

Why are there so many pieces of cardboard inside the box? Marzi thinks he can figure it out what it's all about. But the ball is a distraction for him. Between the cardboard and the ball, he doesn't get anywhere. So the Mommy had to help. Again.

Look what it turned into! A BIG box! Big enough for two. But as you can see, Mama thinks she is the queen of the box. She hogged it before anyone else had a chance to get inside. How rude. 

She really took her time... Look how sneaky she thinks she is. Although, you can hardly see her in there... It does seem like a good hiding spot for her... Hurry up, Mama! Let me have my turn.

Aww, man! What gives? I missed my chance and Marzi is heading in! THE NERVE!

Why does this happen to me? Always last. For everything! I get the feeling that I'm going to be waiting awhile... How can I get him out of there so I can have my turn?

There's no way in through the back on this thing. Darn! Maybe I'll give his tail a chomp. That'll show him.


No chimney or anything either?! I don't think he even knows I'm up here! Nothing I do is working and I'm running out of ideas here...

Will I EVER get my turn???



  1. What a cool cabin! Henry, we hope Marzi let you in by now!

  2. You are very patient Henry! :)
    I want to hear the story about who killed the Elk for those antlers!

  3. We would never have guessed your own personal Moose Cabin was in that envelope Henry! Wherever did your Mama find it? It's coolio!!
    We think because you are the youngest and the smallest may have to wait a looooonnng time to be first for anything meant for all of you cats!
    Luckily you are patient and that is a virtue... :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  4. You should have two (or three) of these cabins - one for everykitty!

  5. That is one cool cabin, Henry! Mama kitty is quick and smart, and Marzi stayed by the entrance til she vacated. It's your turn next, Henry. Hope it meets your expectations. Purrs.

    Laura & Taffy

  6. I think your human needs to buy a couple more of those...

  7. Cool, your very own lodge! Love the antlers over the door, too.