Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Still WAITING...

Yet ANOTHER day has passed and this is what I wake up to today!
Mommy... This package isn't going to open itself you know!

Maybe Marzi can help me get this package open to see what's inside. That will show the Mommy a lesson for taking so long to open MY package! She will come home today and realize that she should not make me wait so long for presents. Do you smell that? What IS that smell??? It's so familiar... I just can't put my paw on it. 

We will get this open if it's the last thing we do! If we do, you will have to give your bestest innocent face to the Mommy when she finds out. You better practice! 

There's no way she can stay mad at us. Good one, Marzi! With your face and my brains, think of all the possibilities! 

STAY TUNED to see if we succeed on our mission. Paws crossed. 


  1. Who does Mommy think she is!? The boss!?!? As if!

    Now is the time boys! You guys have been training for this moment for months. Those leaps, those flips, the sneaking... it all comes down to this! Mommy always gets mad when you knock stuff off the counters so I say that it must be because that's the secret to opening packages. Start with that! Operation destroy house engage! (Just make sure you watch for Momma... still not sure who's side she's on. Hard to trust someone when they're on the rainbow-nips. She could be a snitch!)

  2. Who can resist that adorable face?
    And such well behaved kitties- that package would have been shredded in my house!

  3. I think it is MEAN that your human did not open up that package immediately!

  4. Talk about keeping you in suspense boys! We say tear it open..she'll never know it was you...srsly!! :p

    the critters in the cottage xo
    P.S. Marzi, you have to be the cutest saucer eyed boy ever!!

  5. OMC, isn't the suspense just killin you???

  6. It's so big, I cannot even imagine what good things are inside!

  7. That package is HUGE! We say rip, tear, shred to your little heart's content. Just don't leave any fur behind as evidence. Purrs.

    Laura & Taffy