Friday, 17 August 2012

I have an iPhone now

I kind of have to share it with the Mommy. She takes it to work with her during the week and whenever she goes out she takes it too... But other than that it's mostly all mine.

Do you how many things you can do on an iPhone? A LOT! At least this is what I have heard. I haven't been able to get it to work well on my own. It's the touch screen that I can't get used to. I'm all paw!

I heard a sound, was that somebody phoning? 

They will call back, right?

Just in case you did not know... Today is BLACK CAT APPRECIATION DAY! I will be extra nice to Mama cat today. But only today. Back to normal tomorrow.


  1. We have an iPad, and it has a really cool game for us kitties on it! You should see if there's an iPhone version!

  2. We love the iPad we have to share with our mom! We had an iPhone but the ringing sounds scare us! We think you are so brave for using an iPhone!!!

  3. I found both the iPhone and the iPad to be hugely disappointing! My human downloaded every cat toy app known to humankind and we kitties were not amused. Well, she seems to get a lot of use out of these devices anyhow.

  4. We love our iPad. There are cat games for the iPhone, but we don't like them quite as much. But make sure your mom gets some of them for you to try out!

  5. Henry, maybe you could get Esme to call home on your new phone?!! We haven't seen her since the party...and we have witnesses that last saw her with you...

    the critters in the cottage xo

  6. Henry, they need to make these things with paw apps. We think we could rule the world for sure. After all, we kitties are a force to be reckoned with!

    Um, Henry, you are black, too! Hooray for black kitties! Purrs.

    Laura & Taffy

  7. Henry, you are a true technocat!

  8. Oh dear. We hope you have a good texting plan with that thing!

    Henry, we have invited you over to Colehaus Cats to share a very special Beautiful Blogger award! We hope you come by and grab it for yourself. Thank you for bringing us joy!