Monday, 27 August 2012

What could it BE???

So, guess what? I saw that a package came in the mail and I am DYING to know what it could be. The Mommy is taking forever to open it! I hope it's for me. There's no reason why it wouldn't be for me, right? Exactly!

Here are the clues I have so far:

- It is in a white envelope

- It is BIG

- It is square shaped

- It is light. Very light!

- It has a very familiar scent... I don't think that it is noms... But I'm finding the scent is... Irresistible.



  1. Oooo, I bet is has nip in it, whatever it is!

  2. We think nip, too! Tell your Mom to HURRY!

  3. I don't think it's fair that you have to wait to open your package. Mommy sure doesn't wait when a box with her name on it shows up!!

    Just be careful Henry! It could be a shipping box! After your expose on Marzi's toilet etiquette yesterday I suggest you don't enter into any box of any kind! No matter how tempting it may be! I've heard horror stories of kitties being packed up in a box and shipped off to Timbuktu! (Just look at his face over there ---> suspicious I must say!)

  4. Did somebuddy send you some nip, Henry??

  5. Since you are a mancat now, Henry, we bet it is 'nip or 'vine. Just the thing for a new mancat to receive. Tell your woman that you don't want to wait any longer; you want it NEOW!Purrs.

    Laura & Taffy

  6. What ever it is we hope it makes you very H A P P Y!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Clearly something wonderful! We can't wait to find out!

    The Chans