Friday, 20 July 2012

I got an award!

I am completely delighted to have received the Very Inspiring Blogger Award from Twinkle Toe Tails!!! They are so nice over there and if you have not visited their blog yet, you really should! Thank you very much for giving me this award when I am so new to blogging. It made my day!

So now I have to get purrsonal and tell you 7 things about me that you do not know already. I need to put my thinking cap on now...

1) I am never allowed on the kitchen table or counter even on a special occasion or anything! If I do, my Mommy uses her deep voice and says "Henryyy...NO". I have learned to only do this while she is at work. But sometimes I forget.

2) I fall asleep when my Mommy clips my claws. 

3) When I go for walks on a leash I probably will not walk far if my Mommy is holding the leash. I would prefer to walk myself with the lease beside me. I like to be in control. 

4) I have never had a girlfriend.

5) I am on a limited ingredient diet because I have some food allergies. And they are REAL allergies, not the pretend allergies. Like the pretend allergies that some humans have to cats. You know that kind? I do not like being allergic to ANY noms. Because I love noms, even the ones I am allergic to. 

6) I am the last one to get fed every day and I think it is not fair! Just because I am the youngest. I should get fed first because the youngest are probably the hungriest! 

7) When I go for car rides I sit beside my Mom in the passenger seat and toss my ball around. The seats are made of carpety material so I LOVE to rub my body all over them. It feels so good on my fur. 

Now I would like to give this award to 5 other inspiring bloggers! Here I go!

Mankitties Rumbles and Diego who are like me, Mama's boy! I like their style. When I am growed up I want to be like them.

Kitties who inspire me to share comfy beds with each other. I also love their noses a lot. Nose envy.

A blog especially for black kitties! Something is very special about black kitties. They are the best kind!

A blog I enjoy for many reasons. One of them is Esme. I haz a crush on her. A lot.

I learned what a Cornish Rex is, finally! I can see how humans might confuse us. They are VERY cute and curly! Not in any way CORN, or a dinosaur... Like I had in mind.

I hope that you all have a FUN/FISHY/FRISKIE/FANASTIC Friday!


  1. Hi guys! We are so happy to have found you! We ended up googling you because when we clicked on your blog name when you left a comment, we were sent to a page that showed where you lived but it didn't have your blog URL so we didn't think you had a blog! When you said you had an award for us we were confused so we googled you and here we are!
    Henry , you are very cute!! I showed Esme your pic and she wants to send you a special pic of her. Can you give us your e-mail address?
    Thanks for the award! So kind to think of us:)

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. Oh noes... Thank you for letting me know! I am so bad at computers sometimes. Hopefully I will figure this out as soon as possible!

      My email is


  2. OMC! We want to thank you for bestowing this Award upon us! We would like to think we inspire others by making them smile, teaching them something, or just being friends! Just like your blog does for us! (we love the toofers post!). We are glad we teached you about Cornish vs Devon Rex and we think Devon pixie faces are just the cutest thing and your blog is always fun to visit, and yes, Inspiring, too!

    Teri and the 'Corn Relish' cats, hahameow!

  3. Concatulations on your award, Henry!

  4. Concats on your award! Thank you fur passin it to us! We love that pic of you, those are some pawsome frootbats! You should definitely do frootbats on Fridays. We could never see those ears too often. xoxoxo

  5. Congarats, Henry! We have allergies, too. My woman feeds me Natural Balance LID Duck wet food and Blue Basic Duck dry. Sometimes we are allowed to have an NB rabbit treat. The cat who came before, Jet Dragon (he was a black Devon like you), was allergic to fish. What kind of food do you eat? Purrs.

    Taffy & my woma, Laura

    1. That is too bad that you have the allergies too. Duck is one of my favorites though, yummy! We do not know exactly what my allergies are to. I was eating the same Natural Balance food with Duck and green pea. Also the Venison and green pea. We are now trying beef, and it does not seem to be bothering the allergies. I must have the allergies to beef. We will keep me on the beef for a little longer and then try out something else. Maybe Rabbit, Kangaroo, Bison...

      I'm hungry.

  6. Aw! Thank you for giving us this award! So sweet of you!

    We've got allergies too - we can't have beef at all, and human food quite often upsets Hammy's tum.

  7. Henry, you did a great job! we loved learning more about you, you little cutie!

  8. Awwwww Henry! Aren't you just adorable?!!? Awwwww yay for your fabulous award!! Me and Charlie are so glad you are not allergic to tasty noms!! We hope you have lots and lots of extra tasty noms for being so wonderful! Yay! Take care

  9. Most interesting, Henry! Im am the youngest and I actually do get fed first because, otherwise, I just go and steal everyone else's food!!!


    1. Your Mommy does not feed you enough. Like my Mommy does not feed me enough. You have to steal in order to SURVIVE.