Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Can you ear me now?

Most impurrtantly, it was very nice what everybody said to us yesterday about Sushi leaving us. My human Mommy kept talking and talking about how touched she was. I think she is much more happier now. Thank you very much. 

I thought I would tell you a story today about Marzipan (Marzi). My Dad! 

He was borned on September 6, 2010. His Mother's name was Melody, and his Father's name was Solo.

This is him when he was just borned. He looks like he might be the size of my toy mouse. Smaller than a Purrakeet I think even. Look at how comfy he looks on this blanket with his sister. Her name was Love.

One day, something bad happened to Marzi and his sister. Their Mom had accidentally chewed on their ears a little too roughly causing purrmanent damage to Marzi's little ear. We do not know why she did that. Maybe she was trying to give them too much love, or maybe it was her first time being a Mom. I think being a Mom is a very hard job and she must have loved Marzi a lot. But Marzi was sad to think that maybe his Mom didn't accept him for the Marzi he was. I just cannot imagine why that would be...

Marzi decided that he would continue to enjoy life, and graciously accepted his unusual ear. Although he needed to to be separated from his Mom, he found a new place to spend his time. With another Mom who had a litter at the time, her name was Coco. She was wonderful and accepted Marzi as her own.

Despite his one curled ear and one straight ear, as you can see Marzi was growing up to be a very nice looking mancat. He had such a positive nature and good temperament, that the human responsible for him decided to keep him and make other kitties just like him.

He wanted to make all of the kittens feel as loved as he could all of the time. He would go and cuddle other kittens often. Even when they were not his. He took the role of being a Dadcat to the kittens very seriously. His expurrience with his own kittenhood made him very cautious and protective of others. He would play with me lots when I was borned, and I always felt safe with him. Sometimes he spent more time with me when I was borned than my Mom did. 

This is Marzi with a litter that was not his. I am not in this picture, sadly.

In June of 2012, we brought Marzipan home to live with us, furrever. We play together a lot. He showed me what goes on in the kitchen on the counter and how to jump onto high places. I have showed him how to keep the humans company in the shower and have given him all of my catnip supply. I just do not think I am old enough for that quite yet. 

We do love him just the way that he is though, no matter what his ears look like. Even if he had no ears I would still play hide and seek and steal his noms. 


  1. Marzi is a handsum dood! We never even noticed his ear. That makes him special and we love special kittehz. Thanks fur sharing his story. xoxo

  2. We are sorry that Sushi had to go to The Bridge, swim free, sweet little Sushi.

    Does your Mum not know that the ears of a kitten are the tastiest snack ever? This is why Marzi's Mum did what she did, she couldn't resist the sweetness. We think Marzi's special ear gives him even more character!

    Oliver, Gerry & Mungo

  3. We're so sorry for the loss of Sushi.

    Marzi, you are an AMAZING mancat!! You can see so much kindness in your handsome face, who cares about the ear!

  4. Thank you for telling us Marzi's story! We're sorry his birth mom nommed on his ear, but we don't think that matters one bit. He's a handsome, wonderful mancat just as he is!

  5. Ear not so bad. Give him character! Although this would have been good post for Frootbat Friday!

    1. That is true! Although everyday is a Frootbat day, I will keep that in mind.


  6. We're so sorry about Sushi. xx
    Marzi is adorable! ...even as a teeny kitteh, he has very wise eyes.
    thanks for visiting us!!!
    xo, Katie & Glogirly

    pee s: We LOVE the name of your blog! It's SO clever, SO cute, SO perfect.

  7. What a wonderful story. Marzi sounds like a very, very special kitty!

    The Chans

  8. We are sorry also about Sushi. Like you said, Sushi is much happier now.
    Marzi certainly is a very special kitty with his funny ear. We don't think it is funny but just different which makes him unique. Love all the pictures.

  9. Marzipan is a good looking kittie, and we never even noticed the curled ear.

  10. We love Marzipan just the way he is. He is amazing, and has a wonderful name. We also gave you an award, you can pick it up at our blog.

  11. We think Marzi's ear gives him real character!