Thursday, 5 July 2012

Enjoying our vacation

It has been four days since Marzipan came home to live with us, but it feels like it has been forever. As it turns out, he does not like to eat any of the nom noms that I thought he would like! He likes to eat the crunchy food that Mama cat eats. I do not blame him, they are tastey! I do hope that we can eat a steak together one day though. Drool.

So far the things that we have in common are:

- seeing how fast we can run around the apartment
- sleeping
- playing in the bathtub
- getting hissed at by Mama cat, for no reason
- cuddling
- pooping

I am trying to get him to play fetch with me, but I am not too sure that he understands. In time!

In the meanwhile my Mommy has been having a great time trying to keep us all happy, and keeping us company while she is on her vacation. I can tell it is helping Marzipan settle in. He seems happier with each day!

Here are some funny pictures of Marzipan yawning. Doesn't he look so silly?

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