Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Heat wave!

We are having what is called a heat wave. That means that it is so hot that everyone lays around and cannot do much but think about how hot it is. Remember when I said that it was +28 C the other day? Well yesterday it was about +36 C! That is very hot for where we live because most of the year there is snow and frost. Because I do not have much furs like some of the others in the home, the heat did not keep me from my regular routine. That makes me lucky!

See how the others handled the heat

Marzipan laid on the back of the couch, on a fuzzy blanket! No wonder he was so hot! He stayed there all night.

Mama decided the bed was a good place to stay. She stayed there for most of the night.

Sushi was rubbing it in that he has the best spot for cooling off. He stays there all the time. Even when it is not a heat wave.

I did not move much from the tower in front of the window. It was relaxing and comfy! I was hoping for a breeze that did not seem to come... But bugs did! They are fun to watch at night from my tower. That is why I prefer not to share my tower with anybody.

How hot will it get today, and how will everyone handle it? We will have to wait and see.

Maybe we can make meowgaritas!


  1. Wow! What a wonderful looking gang!
    Looks like Henry sure knows how to live the life!

    - ST

  2. I like to live my life to the fullest. You only get nine chances!

    Thank you for the visit!


  3. Marzipan looked like he was about half cooked, tucked into that couch that way.

    We love the view you have from your tower.

  4. Sometimes my Dad is a little too laid back. I like to jump on him when he is so relaxed!

    My tower has three levels and they all belong to me the most. But my favorite is the top. I could stay there all day and night. Even in the Winter when all I can see is white white white.

    Thank you for the visit Billy and Grace!