Friday, 13 July 2012

Nurse Henry

As you know from my last post, Sushi has not been feeling like himself lately. Mommy gave him the medicines and he has to live in a different bowl until he is back to normal. I purrsonally think that he is looking a little better already! Mommy really takes care of all of us, but because I am Sushi's bigger brother I thought that maybe I could help to take care of him. 

I was sleeping on my tower when all of a sudden I felt a warmness on me. I opened my eyes and saw that the sun was disappearing for the day. It was so bright and orange and made me feel warm and comfy! 

This was the brightest sunset I have seen. Isn't it so bright? 

I started to think that if Sushi could feel warm and comfy from the sun, and get some fresh air too that maybe it would help it get better quicker! My Mommy helped me bring Sushi outside.

Here is Sushi outside for the first time in his life! He looks happy! I can usually tell if he is happy when he dances in the water or blows bubbles. If he is the happiest he can be, he will make a nest out of his bubbles. 

I was waiting and waiting for him to make a bubble nest but he was watching the sun disappear instead. He danced a little bit. I think my plan is working! 

I am proving to my Mommy that my plan is working. I think that she was skeptical to put Sushi outside because he is an indoor only pet. But she can see that he is very delighted to see the orange sky for the first time. 

Marzipan thought that it was a really good idea to give Sushi the orange sky medicines! As you can see here, he was very concerned for Sushi's well being. I think that he really wants Sushi to get better soon too. He is very caring that way.

Sushi did not blow any bubbles or make a bubble nest, but I think that he enjoyed his time outside. I wonder where else I can take him on an adventure!

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  1. We have never had a fishy friend (but Teri says taking care of our water fountain is kinda like taking care of an aquarium, hahameow). Get well soon, Sushi and build a bubble nest.