Thursday, 12 July 2012

To the Pet Store!

Mommy had to make a visit to the pet store today to get some medicine for Sushi. Lately he does not look as healthy as my Mommy would like him to look. She is a purrfectionist that way. He is not eating as much of his noms and does not look like he is very happy. I told Mommy that maybe he would feel better if I played with him. I showed her that he is not afraid of me. But she said no.

Sometimes shopping for the right medicine can be tough when you are looking after somebody sick. You want what is best for them so that they can feel better as soon as possible and have their energies back. To make my Mommy feel better, I went with her to the pet store. 

At first I was very nervous! I could feel my heart thumping and I started to vibrate a little. Mommy laughed about that for some reason. There was a lot to see in the store, and the people working there were friendly! One of them asked if I was a Cornish Rex. I do not know what that is, but it sounds like it would be yummy! Another person told my Mommy that I am beautiful. Mommy told them that my name is Henry, and then they knew that I am a boy. Mommy told me that it is still a very good thing to be called beautiful.

There is a part of the pet store that is just for kitties, and has so many different types of toys! I did not know where to start when looking at all of the them. It made my head start to get the spins! I tried to be on my best behavior so Mommy will take me again one day and I can pick out many a toy.

I have never been so close to a bird before! As you can tell I was captivated. The little birds moved very quickly and were trying to tell me something, but I think it was in another language. I will have to do some reading so that I am more prepared for next time I visit.

This is Purrakeet. He did not tell me that, but I can read a little and that is what the sign said. I think that he wanted to be friends with me because he seemed friendly and got close. 

I wonder if Purrakeet came home with us if he would sit on my shoulder.... 

Like this:

The most important thing is that we got Sushi the medicines he needs. Mommy gave him the medicine last night and hopefully he will get better soon.


  1. ADORABLE!!!
    I would SO love to have my very own parakeet!
    ...somehow I don't think Glogirly trusts me.
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

    1. Purrhaps you have a done something for Glogirly not to trust you with a bird? I cannot imagine how that would be. You look 100% innocent! Humans say no no no a lot. I have learned that.


  2. Henry, our ape says you have the sweetest little face ever! We hope Sushi feels better soon.

    Oliver, Gerry & Mungo

    1. I will tell Sushi that you said that!
      Thank you for what you said about my face. My Mommy calls me Monkeybutt sometimes. I do not get why she calls me that.